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Welcome friends!
The sound of combat training echos throughout the area. As you turn the corner you see rows of trainees all in perfect syncronized form. All following the instruction of their masters. A very formal looking female pandaren taps your shoulder. "May I help you?" She would say, her voice steady and calm. As you turn you are met with a kind but stern face. "Welcome to Way of the huojin..."

Way of the Huojin is a sister guild to Way of the Tushui, Alliance side. If interested in joining either of these guilds please whisper to Songmae{A} or Maesong{H}, and we can see if you will make a good fit.

Way of the Huojin is a guild for all those that wish to live by the code of the Huojin. This is not a pandaren only guild. However, anyone who joins must agree and pass an IC and OOC interview. Be prepared!

Huojin are not ones to sit and wait for the answer. They act on their inital gut feeling and see where it takes them. Living life to the fullest and taking chances, sometimes risky, this is true.

But what in life is not without some risk? Followers of the Huojin are wise, and full of inspiration.

We are a heavy Huojin themed RP guild focused on immersion and fun! With a detailed structure, ranking system, banking system and guild only Path Seeker quests and much much more!

Way of the Huojin is a drama free enviroment. Anyone causing drama, making people feel bad, over using profanity, Extensive sexual comments, Overly stating political and religious views even after being warned to stop or doing so repeatedly will be kicked with or without warning at the guild leaders/officers discretion.

We will have no more then 100 members at any one time. This does not count alts, but we prefer one main character that you will actively be participating with on a daily or near daily basis.

If any member is inactive within 10 days, without prior notice will be removed. These members can game mail Maesong for a re-invite. Dont make this a habbit.

All members must read and understand our banking system, ranking system and or any other important information we might have for you!

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